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I am Inspired

” I just read you article in – inspire passion LOVED IT – felt like it spoke to me personally – i am mentoring a young (13 yr old) friends daughter – she is an amazing child with so much artistic potential – just bought her first easel, canvas, paints, charcoal, wish some one – anyone had taken me seriously at that age had to wait till my 50’s to live my dream of being an up-cycle artist and not say to me oh go to secretarial or hairdressing school we can-not afford college and young ladies don’t need it – if i had it all to do over again would of majored in art history and minored in education – my hope was always to be able to work on my art but first and for most to bring art to children -remember going to Boston museum of art and coming home and saying i wanted to work at the art museum and my dad looked at me with a look of (well get that idea out of your head never going to happen) i ended up in secretarial school and my sister is a hairdresser – he wanted us to never have to depend on a man to make a good living but – art was not practical – so your article has brought out of me all the good – bad and sad i have lived with my entire life – i have heard well it was another time and era back then, getting any education as a young girl was more then other girls got – i hated being a medical secretary all those years i feel if you get to do what you love it is not a job so thank you loved the piece you wrote and as you can tell by my rantings it touched me, wonder if you will get similar responses from others who read it – thank you for writing such a great article”.
~Diane Henelly Martini ~